Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MaKayla's School Play

It was "jungle" time at the school play! Most children were animals of some type. MaKayla and her class were monkeys! The kids sang lots of songs & had a great time. In fact we still hear lots of these songs at our house.... still...... "He's the mane man! He's insane man!" speaking of the mean ole' lion. But the mouse & he help each other out & find that they can be friends. The most hilarious part though would have to be seeing the little amish boy "rapping" out a song with 2 friends! Since the majority of the school is amish..... they usually dress Amish w/ their coverings and dresses & button up jeans w/ straps & their costume add-ons w/ it. He looks cute in his cap & sunglasses though. I'm supposing that's supposed to be his black tie down the front.

I'm still amazed that we're finishing up 1st grade already! She says she's ready for 2nd grade & wants to know how long? She loves her teacher - but is excited about another grade too. Check out those dark brown eyes & freckeles! Isn't she the cutest! ? I'm kinda' partial too - but I have the right! :)
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