Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hello - Where Are You???

I'm supposing that's what most of you are saying!! Yes Jodi - that means you! I don't have enough time to keep up with the normal things much less you all! SO..... you'll get something when I have the time & I want to endure our SLOW connection. Those of you with fast connection don't remember how LONG it actually takes to download 1 single picture! So.... thus today's post is with ...... no pictures :)

Update: Philip & I have moved the girls into our Church's Christian School now. They are happy with the change. They were doing fine in public school - but 5th grade was showing some obvious signs of needing a change. So we changed all 3! The are now adjusted to the new school system & are doing great! I'm impressed with the improvement of some grades too. Hannah is also started back with violin lessons after being off for 2 months in the summer. MaKayla is begging to start piano lessons. Julissa doesn't express much interest really - other than occassionally mentions the flute while we're at church.

I'm still working part-time at the bank - although some weeks they schedule me for 4 1/2 days which is too much for me. But we've lost 2 full time people & gained only 1 new full time. So... someone has to fill in the gap. It's nice for the pay, but..... Our bank is doing fine too - for those of you who may be wondering, during this financially unstable time. We are a local bank only with 8 branches & are locally owned. We have actually seen an increase of business during this time.

Philip is still busy working in the kitchen dept. at Keim Lumber. Charm Day Sales are coming up this weekend - so they will be extremely busy. These sale days generate a large number of people into that small community. He will be putting in some very long hours over this weekend for his customers to get their special sell prices that are only available during Charm Days. They did experience a small decrease in business during the summer - but Philip hasn't lost any time over this at all. They are very good to their employees at Keim. We are so thankful that both of us have good jobs.

I am enjoying my day off today. Obviously spending some time on the computer. How I long for a faster connection. The girls have a short day of school on Wed. - they're out at 1:30 - then it's off to violin lessons - then supper & church! Whew! Wednesday's are full days - imagine me trying to work most of the day plus squeeze all that in. Sometimes we do.

We had a litter of puppies of July 4th & they were sold in record time! Thank the Lord. This money helped us to get the girls enrolled in school & help us to get started on the school bill for the year! We've thought many times of not doing puppies, but..... we really enjoy having the babies while their here. Although MaKayla got extremely attatched to one puppy this time & spent many tears over it when he was chosen first! The girls would dearly love to be able to have a horse or animals of some type. It's nice we have to room - but the expense of a fence & barn are ..... rather large. So.... I guess we'll continue to wait & watch the weeds grow, since there are other things that take priority.

Well that's about all for now - I still have a few things - ha ha - who am I kidding - I still have many things to accomplish yet today before getting the girls! Love to all - time!

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