Thursday, October 7, 2010

Now... where was I .... ?

Wow it's been like.... forever since I've been on here! I'm only doing this for Aunt Nola! She's always asking :) So this is just for her!

I love this sunrise picture taken from our porch.

This is a picture of one of our baby boys that we have left from our fall litter of Lab puppies. We have 3 males left yet to sale. This litter was all black. It's been years since we've had black Labs. But - you just never know what you'll get. We're planing on breeding our Chocolate Lab with a Poodle next time to get "Labradoodles". We're excited about trying something new. I think!

All is the same in our lives - I think - but then again you'd never know since I've not posted anything on here forever :) Julissa is 8 (turning 9 Nov. 19) and is in 3rd grade. She enjoys school & is learning cursive writing & multiplication. She's excited about the new math problems. MaKayla just turned 10 this week & is in the 4th grade. She enjoys school, but prefers to spend time playing with friends. Her and Hannah really enjoy sports activities. Hannah is 13 (our 1st teen) and is in the 8th grade. She also enjoys school very much. She even enjoys working ahead at home - on her own without any prompting... wonder where she gets that from? She is still taking violin lessons. I think this Jan. will be 4 years now. She takes spells where she grows weary of it - but we still keep at it.
NOW I remember why I stopped doing these posts.... it never listens to where I want it to go! UGH! My pictures are not where I expect them to go. Computers - they never listen!
I realized that this past January is this most updated picture of have of all 3 girls. oops Guess I need to get some pictures off the camera. :)
I guess life for Philip & I haven't changed... we're not in school .... we're not playing instruments.... we're not playing sports..... and we're not changing - oh yeah I guess we've aged .... a little :) Sometimes it's hilarious to hear things come out of your mouth that your parents used to say! That's also scary! Philip is staying busy at Keim Lumber selling and designing kitchens. He enjoys his work there & meeting new people. I'm still working part-time at the bank. Enjoy talking to all the people that come through there - no shocker there huh? You'd think by this time I'd have picked up a little dutch.... but I can only say a few things - not much & I did find out that the dutch the Amish speak is a spoken language - not necessarily a written language..... so spelling their words is just however you want to spell it! Pretty cool huh! Sounds like the way lots of kids are spelling English words now days.
Well my puppies are out here barking... they miss the moon too. It's so dark outside tonight. I really enjoyed our full moon. But I do enjoy the dark when my sweetie & I are sitting together on the porch looking at the stars. He's always watching for the satellites & I'm watching for falling stars. In August we were in Michigan with his brother and family & there was us 4 adults & our kids all laying out on the back deck watching the meteor shower - that was way cool! Stars falling everywhere & big ones with long tails. I never cease to be amazed at God's creation and His handiwork!

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