Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We actually had our first small snowfall that delayed school for the first time this year. The girls were excited. And Mommy was ever so thankful that I actually went yesterday & spent the money for four new tires for the van. Merry Christmas to us! Whew that was a chunk! Thank the Lord Philip has been able to do a couple of kitchen installation jobs on the side & provided the funds for this & then last night when he got home he said his truck is having some fuel problems. So.... guess where the rest of the money goes? The Lord knows what lies ahead. Although we would've preferred to use that money another way - God knows best!

These are some pictures I took of the girls this fall. With their "favorites". MaKayla Joy loves her tiger & also has a deep desire to learn the piano. We've tried some at home , but unfortunately Mommy hasn't been faithful:(. Hannah has taken violin lessons for 3 years now! Hard to believe! She's been fascinated with a violin since she was 5 or 6. She's enjoying lessons still & would like to add piano to that also. Julissa - our little giggle-box - she enjoys stuffed animals, riding her bike & giggling. Not really into an instrument yet, although she's mentioned flute a few times.

Daddy is interested in "kitchens" - wonder why? His job is going well. Thankfully he is still getting in his full time of hours. He has offered his services to install a couple of smaller kitchen jobs lately. We miss him being home - but as mentioned before the $ has been ever so helpful. He said that he really enjoys his time working on the installations, So that's good.

Mommy is keeping busy with running the home, back & forth to school, violin lessons, homework (rarely :)), and my parti-time job at the bank. My plate feels very full sometimes. But .... things just have to be done. This past week at the bank we had a robbery - so that was a 1st for me. Thankfully noone was injured. He never showed a weapon. He was in and out within a minute or so. Let me be the 1st to tell you - Crime really doesn't pay! Someone that's desperate & searching for an easier way. It's sad - but it was also very scary for those of us involved. It a matter of 60 seconds he changed the way we drive home, how we walk outside, lock the doors & pull the blinds & look at people with caution now. It's unfortunately the world we live in today. We feel that this is only the beginning because of the way our economy is at the moment.

Thanksgiving will be here shortly & gives us all many reasons to be greatful for the blessings of God! We've tried to teach the girls that they need to always think of things to be thankful for & not just ask God for things. They've been doing such an awesome job in their prayers at night - praying for the requests that they hear at church. Adults that they don't even know. People in the nursing home, a little boy that's bound to a wheelchair for life (they pray for him every night) - who knows what God will do through the prayers of a little child. I hope they always know how good God is!!!

"Morning by morning , new mercies I see."

May God bless you abundantly during this season & that you recall many things to be "glad" about!

Love & Prayer -- Lynn & Philip

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