Friday, March 28, 2008


Our winter storm a few weeks ago was a blast for us!
Philip & I both were able to stay home & enjoy the time
"playing" in the snow with the girls! Of course we had
to shovel our way out of the basement first & then try to make our way to the porch to unshovel the door & the walk. In many places the snow was about 18 - 24"! It was super! The dogs loved it! It was very difficult to play in actually. we had lots of work to do at first. But it was still great! Thankfully our neighbor saw our plight.....and he plowed out the driveway for us. The girls then had their own personal sled runs. 3 HUGE piles of snow around the driveway. They were about 5' high each. All of us had so much fun in the snow. Philip doesn't often get to sled ride with the girls - but this was an exception. He had fun "showing off" for his girls. Of course he sorta' had a mishap or two - as you can see in the picture. :) He's an awesome Daddy!
I'm so glad that we were able to have a BIG snow to
remember with the girls! Hope you all had fun too!


Randel Family said...

Wow! I am surprised and Happy!
Welcome to the world of blogging!

Dixie said...

Hi! It is so good to read your blog. You write so much like you talk that it is just about like listening to you talk. There are many things I read that I could just "hear" you saying. Welcome to blog world!


Hawbaker Happenings said...

Looks good so far!