Friday, March 28, 2008

Hannah's 11th Birthday! Happy Birthday Dear Hannah ! ! ! ! !I can't believe that Hannah is 11 years old today! Do you remember how LONG it took her to get here? I sure do! And now she's growing up so fast! Getting into the "girlie" things - look out Daddy! We surprised the girls this morning & got them up at 7:30 (Philip took the day off) and we headed down to COSI in Columbus (we also took Gramma along). We had a super day inside - since it was raining outside. There are so many awesome things to do there! We were busy busy busy all day! The adults were worn out at the end of the day - but the girls we cranked after napping on the way home. Typical isn't it? Our favorite things were - the black hole in space & it's spinning walls (thank goodness for handrails), cheering for "Mary-Anne" our rat- playing basketball (we lost :( ), the IMAX theater about Greece, and of course .... the element of surprise! We've also included a picture of the unicycle ride.... Philip was in line to ride but they closed the line - due to so many school groups that they wanted to be sure they could ride. Look like fun to you? Me neither! This is actually the only high-wire unicycle in the Country that is available for you to ride.
*Hannah received her presents from cousins in Michigan inside of this TRIX box. How exciting that was!

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Myranda said...

Hi, Hannah-Banana. You used to be "my" baby. Now you are all grown up - - I don't know though....if I tried I might still be able to carry you around the church like I used to........LOL