Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let's Introduce **MaKayla Joy **

MaKayla & JR (Mom-maws cat)

(An older picture - but a favorite)
Our Middle child --- MaKayla Joy --- thinks that it's her turn. So.... here we go. MaKayla loves to smile! She's has a beautiful smile & cheeks full of freckles. Of course she like other things too - swimming, animals, riding bicycle, exploring in the woods, catching frogs, and playing with friends & cousins! We recently took the girls to a local hotel , that we sometimes spend an "overnight" at, to use the pool & jump on the beds :) They're too big to jump on the beds at home now - so you can partially blame us for the conditions of SOME hotel beds. But then again.... maybe you've been there jumping too! The girls enjoy spending time in the pool. We've learned what times to go to avoid most of the people.

In the fall we will spend a long weekend up in Michigan with our family each year. There we spend time chasing frogs, riding w/ Uncle Brian in the boat to go fishing, playing in the water & generally just having the time of our lives!

MaKayla also enjoys school very much. She really likes her teachers & loves reading & writing. Gym class is everyones favorite - except for the "stretches". (That's how I feel too - except I'm not in gym class anymore.) She would like to start taking piano lesson soon. She loves to play her at home. Now she needs a better teacher :)

Nap time was NEVER something she wanted! She was always afraid of missing something. In fact.... she says she looks forward to heaven.... because she'll not ever have to go to sleep . Childrens Church & Sunday School are exciting times on Sunday. We're so thankful we attend a Super Church that have some great leaders for our children!

"Me & My Mom wish we had a four-wheeler! I love riding with Pop-paw, on his four-wheeler. Mommy took us out once & we even saw a deer. We would really have fun with one at our house."

"We have 2 dogs - our yellow lab is "Cookie" & the chocolate lab is "Kanga" . We have 3 cats & some fish. We now how 4 baby fish to watch grow. We have them in my room. We like to watch them. Last Fall we had a liter of puppies ... there were 3 chocolates & 4 yellow labs. "
And that's the story of our middle child MaKayla Joy (Joybelle -Freckles)


Sayler Family Blog said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blog! Your kids are adorable! It will be nice to catch up on your lives.
Kim (Zimmer) Sayler

Myranda said...

Hi, MaKayla! You are such a good girl. I'm proud of you!